Frugal Innovation in Intellectual Property Products

Green Patent Law always couples the highest quality counseling with maximum value. This value-driven approach represents a philosophical departure from the billable hour orthodoxy of most large law firms.
“Frugal innovation” is the art of radically reducing the cost of products while also delivering good value. I believe the time has come to apply the concept of frugal innovation to the practice of law.
Green Patent Law’s frugal innovation takes the form of internal efficiency measures and low overhead, which result in savings I pass along to my clients. More significantly, Green Patent Law largely replaces IP services billed by the hour with a line of IP “products” delivered on a project billing basis. These include, on the patent side for example, a filed patent application, a filed response to a patent office action, a prior art search report, and an opinion letter, and on the trademark side for example, a filed trademark application, a filed response to a trademark office action, a knockout search report, and a clearance search letter.
This value philosophy demonstrates that Green Patent Law understands the new legal services environment and innovates to stay one step ahead and provide the best value for its clients.
In short, the billable hour has been on life support for several years. To the greatest extent possible, Green Patent Law has pulled the plug.